Last minute shuttle buses

Date From To Price
18 Nov 11:00 Vienna Český Krumlov 800 CZK
21 Nov 11:30 Regensburg Český Krumlov 800 CZK
21 Nov 12:30 Passau Český Krumlov 600 CZK
22 Nov 11:00 Český Krumlov Salzburg 800 CZK
24 Dec 18:00 Český Krumlov Prague 590 CZK
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We have served thousands and thousands of tourists visiting Český Krumlov for past decade. And we'll be glad to serve you too.

Our office is located in the very centre of Český Krumlov, right below the main square.

Email: info(at)
Phone: 00420 608 358 613 (whatsapp) 00420 720 107 171
Address: Soukenická 33, Český Krumlov, Czech Republic (map)

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