Last minute shuttle buses

Date From To Price
18 Jun 17:00 Salzburg Český Krumlov 700 CZK
20 Jun 00:00 Český Krumlov Vienna 712 CZK
20 Jun 07:00 Český Krumlov Vienna 790 CZK
23 Jun 17:00 Český Krumlov Hallstatt 690 CZK
23 Jun 17:30 Český Krumlov Hallstatt 790 CZK
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Tourist info about Hallstatt

Salt was a valuable resource, so the region was historically very wealthy. It is possible to tour the world's first known salt mine, located above downtown Hallstatt.

The village also gave its name to the early Iron Age Hallstatt culture and is a World Heritage Site for Cultural Heritage. Hallstatt is a popular tourist attraction owing to its small-town appeal and can be toured on foot in ten minutes.

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