Last minute shuttle buses

Date From To Price
18 Nov 11:00 Vienna Český Krumlov 800 CZK
21 Nov 11:30 Regensburg Český Krumlov 800 CZK
21 Nov 12:30 Passau Český Krumlov 600 CZK
22 Nov 11:00 Český Krumlov Salzburg 800 CZK
24 Dec 18:00 Český Krumlov Prague 590 CZK
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Raft, bike and kickbike rental Cesky Krumlov

We can provide you rental of tourist equipment once you're on our shuttle bus to Cesky Krumlov with 20 % discount.

You can order all activites above even if you're not using our shuttle bus. If so, please contact us.