Air taxi – travel the fastest and most exciting way

Are you pressed for time? An emergency situation? Or do you prefer alternative transportation?
We can fly you from anywhere to anywhere fastest as possible. The planes are quite small so they can land even at small airports.

Aerial view on Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov ⇔ Prague = 1 hour

(25 min car ride from Český Krumlov ⇔ České Budějovice + 36 min plane České Budějovice ⇔ Prague)

Other possible flights:

  • České Budějovice ⇔ Hamburg = 2:46 hours
  • České Budějovice ⇔ Vrsar (Croatia) = 2 hours
  • and many many more...

The procedure

  1. If it's an emergency, call +420 608 358 613 immediately. Otherwise it's better to write us.
  2. We'll tell you the price to get you where you want.

Our planes

Small plane

  • 2 seats (one pilot and you)
  • maximum speed 270 km/h
  • maximum flight radius 1960 km
  • maximum take off mass 472 kg
  • one engine
  • carbon sandwitch construction


  • 4 seats (one pilot, three for you)